Communications, Marketing & PR

Since 2011 I have worked in various capacities as a Communications Specialist, Marketer and Public Relations Manager for a variety of clients. It’s possibly my favorite field that I’ve ever worked in because it provides the greatest amount of variety within projects. I view all Communications and Marketing as an opportunity for a person or company to tell their story, and my skills in writing, web design, graphic design and video editing are all able to come into play while telling that story.


One of my favorite tasks in the communication work that I've done has been creating small informative videos for organizations that I've worked with. These serve as a way to highlight both my creativity and to add a new wrinkle to the communication process. Whether it's working with existing footage or combining different footage from different sources, my goal is to create a unique package for the client.

About the World Methodist Council

During my time as Communications Director of the World Methodist Council, one of my goals was to stress the international scope of the World Methodist Council and its mission. Taking advantage of many members of the Council visiting meetings in Atlanta for scheduled meetings, I took the time to shoot some brief interviews and to edit them together with clips from prior World Methodist Conferences. The result is a quick overview of the Council mixed with thirty years of existing footage.

Graphic Design

Another skill that I’ve developed over my time working in communications is Graphic Design. Here you’ll find a brochure that I designed and created for the World Methodist Museum.

World Methodist Museum brochure


As a freelance copywriter and ghostwriter, I’ve penned a variety of marketing white papers, case studies, brochures, email marketing chains, press releases and promotional blog posts and articles. Some of these have appeared in some fairly big-name business publications and websites, usually under the byline of a CFO or CEO I’ve never even spoken to. Combined with the non-disclosure agreements I signed when taking on the job, this means much of my most recent writing isn’t something I can share, or even own up to. But it's work that I've done and it feels weird not to talk about it, so I'm going to mention it here.